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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brody's Toy Story palooza!

Last Saturday was Brody, my nephew's 2nd birthday party. I was in charge of the cake, of course... As I was dreaming up what ideas I should take from where ;) I had one thing in mind... A ROCKET SHIP! So I posted on Facebook a little blurb about me being in charge of the cake and I got some great ideas thrown my way. One grabbed my attention immediately. The Green Alien Cupcakes on the Disney Family website. I just loved them! They called for Mentos for the eyes but after talking to my mom we decided that those might be a bit of a choking hazard so I decided to use a decorating bag full of white frosting to swirl in some eyes, it worked just fine. What I would recommend is putting the black gel on the day of serving your cupcakes. I found it to be a little runny the next day. Also when cutting the ears out of the sour belts I advise some kind of protection for your hands. LOL! I had to use a brand new pair of gardening gloves, I found the metal leaf shape was leaving leaf shapes on my poor hands! All in all they were great and fun to make! Brody loved them and he kept saying, "GREEN ALIEN CUPCAKE!!!" Made my heart smile :)

Gardening glove helped so much!!!

 The finished Alien

My next task was the rocket ship. I started by looking up rocket ships and then asked my husband to assist in shaping the cake. I decided to use mainly a white batter but then add in the left over chocolate batter to make a swirl cake for the rocket.

After we found our outline for the rocket Jeremy a.k.a. "The hubs" outlined the cake with tooth picks and began cutting (cut after the cake after it has had time to cool). After I made my second batch of frosting I stared dying some of the frosting with some of my Wilton colors in four different bowls so I could fill my individual icing bags. After the frosting had time to set up again I began icing.
 My hand was making the icing so hot I kept having to put my decorating bags back into the fridge for a bit. After the cake was finished I wrote a little Happy Birthday message on there for Brody and it was FINISHED! Brody and all the guest loved the cake from outer space...


  1. I love going back and looking at this post. I just smile when I think about how cute the cake & cupcakes were! Just loved it!!!

  2. so cool aliens. cute cupcakes..