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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Operation Solid Lives Graduation Card

So me and my husband are in our second round of O.S.L., Operation Solid Lives through our church Hope Chapel. It's an amazing, challenging, worthwhile adventure! My mom and dad are in their first round which is 4 weeks long and boy does it blow your mind. You have to cut out all media (secular t.v., radio, newspapers, movies, etc.), read and journal daily, 3 sermons during the week, Sunday sermon, and a mid week service. It's not an easy class folks! There is something that happens with you and your relationship with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit that makes all that discipline (being a disciple) worth while.

Anyways I am making my mom and dad a graduation card and I have all these amazing rubber and acrylic stamps to use but struggle with coloring them in. I turned to one my favorite bloggers Paula. Paula does a blog called "More Than Favors by Paula", I wrote her because I KNEW she would have some great tips. So with a stamp, PRISMA Color Pencils and paint thinner I made this....

 Stamps says, 
"The task ahead of us is never 
as great as the power behind us"
(This is the back of the envelope)
 (front of envelope)

I love this technique so much, thanks Paula!! It's got the benefit of water color but so much less mess. I will be posting a lot on my website very soon and getting an icon to donate for beanies that I will be making for the kids at CHOC Hospital. I've been super busy with OSL, guitar and well life :) Hope you all enjoyed this, I know I did!

Now get to scrap'n!!!

Mrs. DeLo